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Loxahatchee River Race
Past Events

2015 Race Results

The 12th Great Loxahatchee River Race

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Well we could not have asked for a more beautiful day to begin The 12th Great Loxahatchee River Race. Beautiful sunshine and a mild breeze lead to our most successful Loxahatchee River Race to date. Three courses (1-mile recreational, 6-mile, and 12-mile), the race was exciting for both participants and spectators, including a few from under the water.

The 12-mile and 6-mile participants were started first.  Those paddling the 12-mile course (9) in total, started strong and finished with great times. Brint Adams completed the course 1st with a total time of 1:51:23; Peter Gelzinis came in a close 2nd with a 2:17:10 time.  They were followed closely by Jack Roberts, finishing in at 2:18:12. 

Doug Lindsay completed the 6-mile course 1st in a remarkable 0:59:55, followed by Michael Keown and Jim Kirk who were neck and neck with a 2nd 1:02:33 for Mike and 3rd 1:02:34 for Jim. Also this year was a record number of SUP participants (13) in total all who paddled the 6 mile course. 1st SUP to cross finish line goes to Billy Sweezey in an astounding 1:06:11, followed 2nd by Jeremy Greene 1:12:57 and 3rd Jay Ailworth 1:16:20. 

John Dinger finishing the 1-mile course in just 0:23:55, Don and Natalie in a K2 finished 2nd with 0:24:35 and John Avery 0:25:22 came in 3rd

Great Job to Everyone!

We were pleased to welcome several new paddlers and sponsors new to The Great Loxahatchee River Race this year. 

The 11th Great Loxahatchee River Race

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The breeze moving across the Loxahatchee River was a pleasant addition to the beautiful sunshine that started the day for The 11th Great Loxahatchee River Race.  With 32 various watercraft, and three courses (1-mile recreational, 6-mile, and 12-mile), the race was exciting for both participants and spectators.  The 12-mile and 6-mile participants were started first.  Those paddling the 12-mile course, Larry Frederick & Lee Short, Yves Cartier, Paula Lunt, Roland & Linda Muhlen, Peter V. Gelzinis, Larry Baker and Will Schaet, started strong and finished with great times, all within 13 minutes of total times.  Larry Frederick & Lee Short completed the course 1st with a total time of 1:50:09; Yves Cartier came in a close 2nd with a 1:51:40 time.  They were followed closely by Paula Lunt, finishing in 1:54.27. Christopher Fidler completed the 6-mile course 1st in an astounding 0:56:41, followed by Dan Thompson with a 1:06:18 time.  Julie Baker was not far behind, finishing 3rd at 1:06:57. Marlo Marcheco shot across the start line and never slowed, finishing the 1-mile course in just 0:13:39.  John Dinger (0:23:49) and Henry Thomasson (0:26:27) came in 2nd and 3rdWe were pleased to welcome several new paddlers and sponsors new to The Great Loxahatchee River Race this year. After a delicious lunch of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and a time of conversing, everyone participated in a drawing for the door prizes.  By mid-afternoon, all dispersed with a great desire for a nap!

2013 RIver Race Results

10th Great Loxahatchee River Race

May 19, 2012

With nice paddling conditions and a wide variety of paddlers and vessels, the participants all seemed to enjoy the scenic surroundings and hairpin turns of the upper Northwest Fork of the river. There were a total of 39 vessels entered across three distance categories, ranging from SUPs to a C3 Cruiser. Once everyone started, it was a race both to the finish and to beat the pending rain storms that threatened.

On the long course, Anita Allen continued her dominance but was closely challenged for the full distance by Yves Cartier and the Siegfried C3. All of the long course participants posted very respectable times given the challenging course and varying water depths on the outgoing tide. The medium distance saw the most number of entries and some good competition. Jack Roberts said he was off his form, but his strong first place finish belied that. Doug Lindsay and Dan Thompson rounded out the podium with excellent times as well, holding off the very aggressive competition. All of the short course participants enjoyed the paddling experience - Nikki Kundrum paddled very well to finish in the lead, and the O'Neill family fielded two canoes for the entire family to enjoy the course.

The rain held off until almost all boats were in, and then passed through so everyone could enjoy the lunch and awards. Door prizes donated by several sponsors were also presented, including gift certificates from two kayak/SUP businesses, a certificate for a stay at the Comfort Inn, a website design, a landscape plan, and multiple gifts from the River Center and paddling rentals.

The credit for the success of the day was due to the hard work of several great volunteers. Mary and Larry Barrentine helped with everything from initial organization through to registration and preparing the 80+ lunches. Jackson Berger and Tate spent much of the day on the water placing and retrieving the course markers. Debra Northsea worked both registration and lunch preparation, while Carolyn Warburton and her three assistants, Christopher Warburton, Sam Cripps, and Sean Andros were everywhere helping paddlers, carrying food and supplies, taking photographs, and filling in wherever help was needed.

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The 9th Great Loxahatchee River Race Results

May 21, 2011

The quiet waters on the Upper North Fork of the beautiful Loxahatchee River inside Jonathan Dickinson State Park provided an excellent venue for The 9th Great Loxahatchee River Race.  Thirty-two vessels, ranging from competition canoes to kayaks to SUPs, took to the water on May 21st to enjoy the camaraderie and beautiful weather. 

A challenging 12-mile course routed the long course competitors as far north as Trapper Nelson's.  Anita Allen, paddling her quick touring kayak, led the group to the finish, followed closely by Yves Cartier in his racing canoe.  Navigating the many turns and forks in the course was almost as challenging as the distance itself! 

The medium length course, which ended up being about 7 miles long, proved to be an enjoyable distance for more of the contestants.  Although Tom Green sped through the course in his surf ski in impressive fashion, most of the paddlers chose to enjoy the experience of the river. 

With the strong support of the Florida Paddling Trails Association (FPTA) and the Jupiter Outdoor Center's course-marking, all participants enthusiastically finished paddling to enjoy a relaxed cookout sponsored by Corona Real Estate Company and Waste Water Management, Inc.  The hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelon were a welcome refreshment.  Volunteer help from Lynette Foster, Mary Barrentine, and Debra Northsea was invaluable in keeping the entire day running smoothly as well. 

Race Results

Long Course 

Boat Number Time Name Boat Type Category
17 1:50:23 Anita Allen K1 Touring
25 1:52.52 Yves Cartier C1 Cruiser Senior
10 1:59.37 Lisa Rhoden Sea Kayak
20 2:19.57 Miles McDermott K1 Touring Senior
22 2:20.00 Judy Combs K1 Recreational
15 2:21.36 Jack Roberts K1 Recreational Veteran 1
11 2:23.59 Chris LaForte K1 Recreational Open
2 2:33.45 Herb Jarrett K1 Recreational Veteran 2
1 3:15.26 Joan Cooper K1 Recreational Veteran 1

Medium Course

Boat Number Time Name Boat Type Category
29 1:13.29 Tom Green Surf Ski Open
18 1:26.01 Kevin Bond Sea Kayak Senior
27 1:31.03 Byron Wickham K1 Recreational Senior
19 1:32.47 Jarrod Thompson Sea Kayak Open
28 1:33.10 Jeff Jager & Joy Jager C2 Recreational Master
6 1:37.14 David Bean Sea Kayak Veteran 1
3 1:41.58 Dennis Waton K1 Recreational
14 DNF/DQ Dan Thompson Sea Kayak Veteran 2
33 1:43.07 Stephanie Petranas K1 Recreational
8 1:43.16 Vernon Ross K1 Recreational Grand Veteran 2
21 1:43.30 Kathy Segel Sea Kayak Master
24 1:44.22 Bruce Doll Sea Kayak Grand Veteran 1
16 1:44.55 Tom McLaulin Sea Kayak
23 1:47.03 Marilou Doll K1 Recreational Veteran 2
4 1:47.23 Chuck Eigner K1 Unlimited Veteran 2
5 1:47.24 Pete Wildman Sea Kayak Veteran 2
12 1:48.30 Maria Hallowich K1 Recreational Veteran 1
30 2:01.30 David Bigley & Carolyn Bigley OC1 Open
26 2:04.35 Ann Marie Buckley K1 Recreational Senior
7 2:04.35 Susan Bean Sea Kayak Veteran 1
9 2:30.05 Nina Dale Stand-Up Paddleboard Senior
31 2:17.00 Glenda Hall K1 Recreational
32 2:20.00 Shirley Knox K1 Recreational

The 8th Great Loxahatchee River Race Results

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Long Course       12.5 miles

2:18:10  Yves Cartier                                                                  C1 Senior

2:32:55  Peter Genzinis                                                              K1 Recreational Senior

2:51:02  Peter Dunick                                                                 SurfSki Junior

Medium Course     6.7 miles

1:12:55  Thor and Meagan Siegfried                                         C2 Cruiser/Pro Adult/Youth

1:33:15  Dan Thompson                                                             Sea Kayak Veteran 2

1:33:15  Jarrod Thompson                                                          Sea Kayak Open

Untimed              Donna Dekersky                                             K1 recreational

Untimed              Danielle Brandt                                              K1 recreational

Short Course     1 mile

14:01     Fran Siegfried                                                               C1 Cruiser

29:54     Jocelyn and Brenna O'Neill                                          K2 Recreational

With a fluctuating wind from the Southeast and active powerboat traffic, the water conditions were a bit challenging for the brave souls who participated in this event.  Fortunately, other than some unplanned swims, everyone managed to have a good day on the water, from the faster racers to the more recreational entrants.  A pace boat guided the racers out to the turnaround to avoid any confusion on the beautiful Loxahatchee River; most of the course was in open water on the lower half of the Northwest Fork of the river. 

Yves Cartier set a rapid pace to lead throughout the long course, while Peter Genzinis looked strong as he finished well with his recreational kayak.  Peter Dunick was able overcome the challenges of the rough water in his Surf Ski with only a few swims, an excellent finish for a young paddler.  Thor and Meagan Siegfried persevered through the waves and windy conditions to finish strong in front of the medium course group.  Dan and Jarrod Thompson survived some near-swamps and elected to photo finish.  Donna Dekersky and Danielle Brandt epitomized the spirit of the event by enjoying their venture, complete with rest stops, lunch break, and even a relaxed nap! 

The short course was enjoyed by Fran Siegfried and the team of Jocelyn and Brenna O'Neill, who completed the loop around the island in great style. 

We also add our thanks to Jackson Berger and Aubrey Ballard for manning the pace boat throughout the event to keep our paddlers on course. 

To view pictures of the event, see the website:

The 7th Great Loxahatchee River Race

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Medium Course 7.8 miles

 1:13:18  A. Hammerling    K1 Unlimited
 1:18:11    Greg Hodgins    K1 Touring Veteran 1
 1:18:20  Jeff Jager, Dave Saunders    K2 Recreational   
 1:18:24    Larry Baker   K1 Unlimited Veteran 2
 1:26:03   Louise Vadala   K1 Unlimited
 1:36:26   Ken Newton   Sea Kayak
 1:49:54   Julie Baker   K1 Touring Veteran 1
 1:50:06    Daven Closson  Sea Kayak Open
 1:50:14    Lee Dillard    Sea Kayak
 2:19:10   Raul Acosta  K1 Recreational
 2:19:12   Ricardo Acosta   K1 Recreational 
 2:34:13  Ron Wiendl  K1 Recreational
 2:38:06    Heidi Juhl  K1 Recreational


Short Course

34:28  Jocelyn and Brenna O'Neill     K2 Recreational


The thunder rolled and the skies darkened, but for those courageous souls who braved the threat of a very nasty day, the reward was a great day for a paddle with no actual bad weather. We elected to forego the longer 14 mile race out of respect for the possibility of a storm, and ran a longer medium-distance event on relatively flat water with modest wind.

It was a good day for everyone on the water, from the faster racers to the more recreational entrants, since there were few powerboats on the water and deep water throughout the course. A pace boat guided the racers out to the turnaround to avoid any confusion on the beautiful Loxahatchee River; most of the course was in open water on the lower half of the Northwest Fork of the river.

A  Hammerling and his nice K1 Unlimited led from the start and kept up his rapid pace to lead in the first pack of racers, followed closely by a group of other quick K1's. The endurance awards went to Ron Wiendl and Heide Juhl for cruising the course in their recreational kayaks!

The short course was dominated by the tandem team of Jocelyn and Brenna O'Neill, who enjoyed a pleasant loop around the island and finished with smiles and a good experience.


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